Valuation Services in Nigeria

At Jide Taiwo and Co., we are fully aware that independent and accurate valuation services are fundamental to the property market. The adequacy of the service, provide basis for assessing suitability for loan security, loan criteria, risk management, debt recovery, performance analysis, optimization of value, purchase and sale advice and third party reliance. In the realization of the above, our valuation team, numbering over 200 and working out of central and regional offices in Nigeria, offer prompt, accurate and professional valuation services in accordance with internationally recognized standards, backed by knowledge of the local and national markets.

Asset Valuation

We are conversant with the Nigerian and West African real estate industry. This knowledge enable our valuation experts deploy global best practices in asset valuation services. For over four decades, we have been retained by a broad range of clients, such as banks, investors, government at various levels and other corporate bodies. Our valuation reports have industry acclaim and accepted as professional opinions in aid of loan security, mergers and acquisitions, insurance, disposal or stock rationalization, amongst other purposes.

Development Valuation

With 27 business offices spread across Nigeria, our experts combined locational knowledge with global standards to deliver expert opinions to our clients and indeed other stakeholders in project development and management. The expert opinions facilitate loan security, option agreements, litigation, accounts, options appraisal, tax and other related purposes. We deploy insights generated from our research team supported by the secondary data sourced from local agents to deliver deep, broad and comprehensive valuation services to our clients.

Commercial and Industrial Valuation

We have earned trust as a go-to firm when commercial/Industrial valuation comes to mind in Nigeria. For over four decades, we have provided expert opinions and appraisal on commercial valuation ranging from offices, retail, and industrial concerns to a wide spectrum of clients in private and public sectors. Our depth of expertise in commercial valuation remains unmatched in industry. Be it industrial valuation, agric, aviation, maritime, mining/extractive industry, machinery or any other commercial or industrial valuation, we work with clear understanding of our clients instructions. We work in synergy and leveraging on the power of complimentary skill of our experts to deliver timely and accurately on briefs. Our processes are clearly designed to be seamless. We deploy the benefits of technology and a combined experience of our staff to drive the implementation of our valuation processes. Our long years has enabled us to have a deep and resourceful business relationships with banks, building societies, insurance companies, solicitors, developers, regulatory bodies, developers and so many others.

Educational Sector Valuation

We leverage on the depth of our valuation specialists to provide expert opinions on appraisal relating to schools at all levels. Our wealth of experience is brought to bear on valuation of educational premises, infrastructures, student accommodation, healthcare, sports and logistics support. We provide tailored valuation services for a wide range of clients both in the private and public sectors - from nursery, basic, high schools to universities and other higher educational institutions.

Power and Energy Sector Valuation

We are mindful of the importance of an efficient energy and power sector in the development of a nation. Our power and energy valuation specialists provide timely and professional appraisal and due diligence on energy assets, utilities and machinery for banks, operators, insurance, regulatory and allied players in the energy and power sector. Our extensive knowledge of the power sector enables us to grow and adapt to the changing terrain of the sector. We provide professional asset appraisal and expert opinions on power generating, transmitting, distribution assets and infrastructures, gas turbines, refineries and pipelines, hydro schemes, diesel and gas generating sets, solar farms and other power and energy sector assets.

Expert Witness and Dispute Resolution

At Jide Taiwo & Co., We provide advisory on valuation in aid of conflict resolution as it relates to property disputes. We have been engaged by solicitors and other legal practitioners as expert witness, mediator, and arbitrators on several occasions. Our teams are seasoned and professional. We stand on the planks of integrity rendering services to individuals, governments, co-operates and transnational organizations. Our tentacles in this area of specialty cut across expert witness and opinions on matrimonial issues, disputes involving covenants, compensation valuation, heritage and estate of departed family members.

Agric and Agro Allied Valuation

Farm and agro-allied asset valuation can be for diverse purpose. Such appraisal could be for loan security, merger and acquisition, internal transfer, statement of account, dispute resolution or taxation. At Jide Taiwo & Co., our team of experts have the needed knowledge to deliver on brief on time and accurately. These appraisals are informed and industry respected. Our clients include banks, insurance companies, regulatory bodies, individuals, corporates and practitioners in the entire gamut of the agricultural value chain. We could be of service to you

Hotel and Hospitality Valuation

Operating from our various business offices are our team of hotel and hospitality valuation experts. Our specialty covers not just hotels, but serviced apartments, hostels, tourist sites, beaches, and similar assets, so classified for their trading potentials. Depending on the clients needs, we value these properties for a range of purposes, including loan security, accounts, dispute resolution, viability studies, rental valuations and rent reviews. We are seen by our banking and hotelier clients as providing best-in-class advice and levels of service at a cost-effective fee level.

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We also provide valuation services for:

Portfolio valuation for institutional property investors, property companies and corporate organizations.

Compensation valuation for infrastructural development

Aviation valuation                               

Specialist valuation of owner-occupier properties for asset enhancement and financial statement

Marine valuation                                     

Secured lending and finance related valuation

Commercial valuation for investment management, bank lending, acquisition and divestment

Insurance valuation providing coverage of all asset classes

Residential valuation of properties for trade-in assessment

Retail valuation of shopping centres

Valuation of development assets from master planned city to single development plots

Advisory in relation to debt recovery