We are presently conducting a client/customer satisfaction anonymous survey and would like you to respond to our simple questionnaire. As a valued client/customer your sincere opinion/comment will assist us to know how well we are meeting the expectations of our clients and the areas where we need to improve upon. Please be assured that all information shall be treated in strict confidence and purely for official purposes only. Thank you for your cooperation


Q1: Name of Respondent (optional)
Q2: Address/Location of Respondent
Q3: Industry of respondent?
Q4: How would you describe your experience of our valuation service?
Q5: How often do you carry out the valuation of your properties/asset?
Q6: For what purpose was the valuation assignment carried out?
Q7: Was the valuation carried out able to meet your requirement? a) Yes. b) No
Q8: What were the short comings noted in the valuation exercise?
Q9: How would you describe our turn around response time?
Q10: What suggestion would you recommend for better service delivery?
Q11: What is your impression of the Marketing Officer in charge of the Valuation?
Q12: How would you describe the performance of the officer who inspected your property?
Q13: How would you rank your trust that we will take your comments seriously and take action as appropriate and expedient?
Q14: Are you aware oF our online verification portal? A) Yes B) No
Q15: If yes , what is your impression of the portal.
  In not less than 100 letters kindly suggest other areas we can serve you better.