We are presently conducting a client/customer satisfaction anonymous survey and would like you to respond to our simple questionnaire. As a valued client/customer your sincere opinion/comment will assist us to know how well we are meeting the expectations of our clients and the areas where we need to improve upon. Please be assured that all information shall be treated in strict confidence and purely for official purposes only. Thank you for your cooperation


  Location of Respondent
  Location of the property being Occupied
  Branch managing the properties
Q1: How long have you been staying in the property/house?
Q2: How would you rank our services over the years?
Q3: How would you describe the way we Manage the property?
Q4: Which among these are probably our deficiencies in the management of the property/house?
Q5: How regularly would you have preferred a Routine Management Inspection report on the property?
Q6: Do we collect your rent as and when due? a) Yes. b) No
Q7: If No, tick why you think we were unable to do so?
Q8: How would you rate our tenant selection process?
Q9: What is your impression of the Officer in charge of the management of your property?
Q10: What is your impression of our management approach to issues generally?
Q11: How would you gauge our response time to issues generally?
Q12: How would you describe the activities/ intervention of the client service relationship office of your complaints?
  In not less than 100 letters kindly suggest other areas we can serve you better.