Our projects development department is manned by proven and well tested professionals supported by over 1000(one thousand years) combined post qualification experience.
The unit offers a wide range of professional services in the following specific areas,
Preparation of Feasibility and Viability Appraisal for Proposed Building Construction Projects;
Contract Administration for on-going Projects through Preparation of Interim Reports /Valuation;
Advising prospective clients on suitable sites for various proposed projects;
Monitoring work progress for on-going projects on behalf of Banks that issue Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) for Customers General
Advice on Property Development including highest and best use of land resources including agricultural assets.
Real Estate Advisory Services
Our real estate advisory services help owners and investors to develop and prepare their real estate projects for financing and raise debt and equity financing for development. In this line of business, we act in dual roles of advisers and principals.

As Principals, our focus is on:

Acquiring and adding value to Undervalued Assets
Creating value from sites and locations that present significant development challenges
Investing in Real Estate & Infrastructure-related businesses that are scalable and have strong franchise

As Advisers, we provide world class advisory services to select clients in the following areas:

Financial Advisory on Real Estate Projects
Development Advisory for Real Estate Projects
Real Estate Transaction Support including title perfection
Land use planning and administration