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Valuation Services

At Jide Taiwo and Co., we are fully aware that independent and accurate valuations are fundamental to the property market and form the basis of assessing suitability for loan security and lending criteria, risk management, debt recovery, performance analysis, maximization of value, purchase and sale advice and third party reliance. As such, our valuation advisory team offers prompt, accurate and professional valuation services in accordance with internationally recognized standards.

We provide valuation services for all purposes including:

Portfolio Valuations for institutional property investors, property companies and corporate organizations                                               Secured Lending and Securitization-Related Valuations                                                                                                                   Insurance Valuations providing coverage of all asset classes                                                                                                        Commercial Valuations for investment management, bank lending, acquisition and divestment                                                      Residential Valuations for bank lending and acquisition                                                                                                                 Specialist Valuations of properties for trading potential assessment                                                                                                 Specialist valuation services covering marine, aviation and rail line                                                                                                Corporate Valuations of owner-occupied properties for asset enhancement and financial statements                                                   Retail Valuations of shopping centers                                                                                                                                           Valuation of Development Assets from master planned city projects to single development plots                                                       Advice in relation to debt recovery

Agency Services

Whether you are letting, buying, or leasing for personal, business, commercial, leisure or industrial purposes, our team of property professionals, based in 22 business offices spread across Nigeria, are on hand to help you find the answer to your accommodation needs. The advice and services we offer are designed to help optimize the value of your asset, and to guide you through the obstacles of any transaction. We offer expert advice on finding, buying, marketing, selling and investing in residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural properties of every description - from flats, houses and luxury apartments to large estates, farms and industrial complexes. Our services in real estate agency can be subsumed under two categories;

Buying and selling properties involve huge capital outlay that investors require careful and proper guidance of experienced and versatile professionals to ensure safe, secured and profitable investments. As a firm, we boast of well tested, proven and experienced hands that are vast and knowledgeable in sales of varieties of properties in diverse locations all through the federation of Nigeria.

Our letting and leasing activities are targeted towards meeting the accommodation needs of; Expatriates High net-worth individuals Corporate /Blue chip companies and multinational organizations We have a list of good and suitable Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties located in various neighborhoods from which you can make a choice.

Facility Management

With over three decade's hands on experience in this field, we have proven track record in property/facility management that optimize resources for investors and occupiers across all types of properties. We source, secure and select tenants for vacant properties, negotiating and collecting rents and ensuring that tenants comply with the covenants contained in the lease agreements. We also attend to issues such as maintenance, repairs and carrying out such other functions that enable the optimization of investor's returns.

Managing complexity is our strength, as demonstrated by the scale and quality of our portfolio; our ability to manage large portfolios is underpinned by our human and technological infrastructure, size, and national spread which provide constant monitoring and control across the entire portfolio with real-time reporting of key indicators.

For investors, we manage the relationship between landlord and tenant. In essence, we strive to minimize vacancies and identify new opportunities that will create value from client's portfolio.

For corporate and public sector occupiers, we provide a harmonized view of client's total portfolio, manage on-going costs and advise on a real estate strategy that maximizes efficiency while supporting workplace productivity and broader organizational objectives.

We complement property management with facilities management, helping our clients realize savings in the operation and maintenance of their property portfolio while meeting their service standards and sustainability goals without compromising Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)

Project Management

Real estate investment projects involve huge capital outlay and expert knowledge of relevant professionals in the built environment, whilst careful thought process, market intelligence, thorough analysis, effective coordination and appropriate financing arrangements and marketing of the final products are critical considerations for any developer/investment realization.

Thus from conception stage, through design, construction, and successful completion, it is critically important to involve relevant professionals. These include Estate Surveyors and Valuers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors, Land Surveyors, Soil Engineers, Structural Engineers, Planners, Lawyers, Mechanical and Electrical Engineers, and Financial Consultants, their collective expertise experience and exposure in the building industry are required for successful and profitable project development and management. 

Whether client's are developing new property, refurbishing an existing one or moving into a new space, our professionals guide them through the process from project conception, through laying the first foundation to final fit-out. We provide sound professional and commercial advice, and deploy multi-functional teams to manage projects on their behalf ensuring delivery on quality, time and budget. 

We assist our clients in aligning their real estate development and management objectives with their broader corporate objectives by developing real estate strategies that are tailored to the client's needs. 

We believe that real estate plays a critical role in the development of the urban environment. As such, our investment philosophy is to create structures that offer a balance between maximizing financial returns and producing world class products. Our developments are driven by our desire to enhance the quality of peoples living, working and leisure environments and our approach is to develop contemporary urban structures which have a minimal impact on the environment. 

We coordinate the process and manage the implementation of Real Estate projects, ensuring key project parameters- costs, time and quality are maintained; and delivering completed development to our customers. Our 'Cradle-to-Completion' package involves managing the development process from conception, design, financial modeling, and development to handover. 

Project Development

Our projects development department is manned by proven and well tested professionals supported by over 1000(one thousand years) combined post qualification experience.

The unit offers a wide range of professional services in the following specific areas,

Preparation of Feasibility and Viability Appraisal for Proposed Building Construction Projects;                                                        Contract Administration for on-going Projects through Preparation of Interim Reports /Valuation;                                                 Advising prospective clients on suitable sites for various proposed projects;                                                                                        Monitoring work progress for on-going projects on behalf of Banks that issue Advance Payment Guarantee (APG) for Customers General Advice on Property Development including highest and best use of land resources including agricultural assets. 

Real Estate Advisory Services 

Our real estate advisory services help owners and investors to develop and prepare their real estate projects for financing and raise debt and equity financing for development. In this line of business, we act in dual roles of advisers and principals. 

As Principals, our focus is on: 

Acquiring and adding value to Undervalued Assets                                                                                                                            Creating value from sites and locations that present significant development challenges                                                                      Investing in Real Estate & Infrastructure-related businesses that are scalable and have strong franchise 

As Advisers, we provide world class advisory services to select clients in the following areas:

Financial Advisory on Real Estate Projects                                                                                                                                       Development Advisory for Real Estate Projects                                                                                                                               Real Estate Transaction Support including title perfection                                                                                                                Land use planning and administration 

Public Sector Services 

Property - or real estate  - is one of the four pillars of public service. The location, quality and mode of delivery of public services are intrinsically linked to an organization's property footprint.

Jide Taiwo and Co. Public Sector Services team advises clients across the whole spectrum of the public sector. We provide comprehensive property advice in the form of estate strategies, asset management planning and cost reduction initiatives. We undertake feasibility studies, options appraisals and business case work which underpin capital investment decisions and funding approvals in all areas.

We add value through the planning and development process, as well as help structure Public Private Partnerships (PPP) or Joint Ventures (JV). Our lease advisory team specializes in minimizing lease exit costs. We have extensive experience of advising on strategic sourcing, Private Finance Initiative (PFI) solutions and PFI contract management. We are also adept at valuing public sector property.

In addition, we provide professional services in the following areas to ensure realization of set goals within reasonable time frame and cost limit; 

Representing owners of acquired properties on compensation assessment, verification and claims

Representing Government or Corporate Organizations on all land acquisition and compensation matters 

Rendering relevant professional advice to individuals and corporate bodies on PUBLIC PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP relationships

Receivership /Recovery Services on behalf of Clients in event of insolvency or liquidation 

Processing of Governor's consent on subsequent land transactions .



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