While many borders remain closed and food importation has become difficult, increasing Nigeria’s domestic food production to provide for our population of 200 million people has never been more important. Our advantage of having a climate that supports the growth of a variety of food staples combined with a strategy to increase the quality and quantity of local produce per hectare should get us well on our way to improvement.

However, efficient logistics, storage and local manufacturing are vital to achieving the vision. A 2017 report by PWC on the Nigerian tomatoes industry confirms that up to 45% of locally grown tomatoes was lost due to poor logistics and storage, which created more dependence on importation. The present lockdown also raises concern on how much food wastage continues to occur without the public markets which are our largest supply channels to consumers. Adequate provision for logistics and storage of food throughout the supply chain would increase the final products reaching consumers and earnings of all parties in the process.

Manufacturing is a final step in maximising value from our local food produce with the added longevity and scalable production to meet demand. As the government continues to support the agricultural sector with importation restrictions, funding and regulations, Jide Taiwo & Co Agriculture Team offers Alaro City as a choice location for new and existing food manufacturers, supply chain managers and logistics companies.

Alaro City is a 1000-hectare award-winning project strategically located in the Lekki Free Trade Zone, near the Lagos border for interstate commerce and distribution to the rest of Nigeria. It has world-class infrastructure unrivalled by any other industrial zone in Nigeria and brand association with best-in-class industrial developer and industrial association. Its location at the Free Trade Zone ensures cheaper construction costs within the zone as a result of tax and duty incentives. It also offers reliable power, water supply and access to gas supply through the Escravos-Lagos Gas Pipeline at the site boundary. Its close proximity to the Dangote Refinery, The Lekki Seaport and the proposed new international airport also gives it strategic advantage over many locations.

Alaro City has made provision for industrial land purchases at a minimum of 1000 sqm, while also providing commercial and residential plots for sale. Jide Taiwo & Co has the mandate to sell the various plots in Alaro City and provide our real estate services to interested parties. Contact us for more information.

                        Olawunmi Olashore MSc. MRICS

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