Why I Love Real Estate

My name is Olawunmi Olashore. I am a real estate economist and there’s a story behind this…

I have always loved real estate, maybe because it has always been a part of my life. From as young as eight years old, I would sit quietly with my parents’ stack of Time, Country Life and Ideal Home magazines, reading about great companies, their achievements and their large office buildings while also imagining myself in the houses and gardens of the properties I saw, wondering who would live in the properties and which other rooms in the houses they didn’t show. My love is not just for the high-end properties with all the bells and whistles, but the simple, efficient and tidy buildings which are honestly more affordable for many Nigerians.

I vividly recall years ago, each time I journeyed through the famous third mainland bridge heading to my A-levels school in Ikeja, I would stare out of the window at the lagoon and the far away properties. Some were beautiful skyscrapers; others were ingeniously built to tickle the fancy of onlookers like me. But one day, while looking at the usual sights, I saw a little more as I gazed from the car. I was noticing things in a different way.

I saw the sharp contrast the sight was telling. The small shacks by the water and the buildings built with blocks in the distance behind them. Like a sacred photograph at the right angle, I saw a very real picture of our beloved city of Lagos and probably something all major cities have in common: people who can afford to live in comfortable properties and sadly, people who cannot. These images struck a chord with me and my desire to provide real estate solutions began.

What’s interesting is that I didn’t go on to study real estate, in fact, I studied economics in University, and I have a Master’s degree in International Economics, Banking and Finance. I went into investment banking, trading federal government bonds and really understanding how economies work and the effects of our decisions. But I still continued to nurse my real estate dreams, I continued viewing residential and commercial properties, analysing neighbourhoods, giving opinions on the implications of various developments in different parts of Lagos and other cities in Nigeria. In 2013, I decided I was ready to take a leap of faith and I started my evolution from being an economist and federal government bonds trader to a real estate professional working with Jide Taiwo & Co.

I consider myself privileged to be part of this establishment that has stood the test of time for almost forty years, still providing services to a wide range of clients across Nigeria. We are very passionate about matching clients with properties that meet their needs. In this current world where every little detail count, we go the extra mile in ensuring that our clients are genuinely satisfied with our large bouquet of product offerings.

We cherish the fond memories of their first studio apartment rental, their family home purchases, their land acquisition to build factories, warehouses, head offices, giving expert opinions on their investment decisions, and the important transition of property ownership from one generation to another. We have continued to serve our clients while constantly improving the quality of our work and our people.

So, this is why I love real estate and I am excited to be writing articles from the perspective of my professional backgrounds for your reading pleasure.

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