How are you loving the Okada Ban in Lagos?

From afar, the sea of heads gives an indication of the proverbial Lagos crowd, that mass to watch any spectacle that excites. But at a closer look, one suspicion is confirmed as each ‘Lagos Looker’ aim to drown the other in a cacophony of noise.

A lifeless body lay on the tarred, but dusty road. Fully decked on corporate attire with fitting shoes to match, the young female adult was all soaked in a pool of blood that is now flaking. From the noise and hush tones, it was easy to pick out the main cause of the deat-early morning brutal attack that snuffed the life out of a young lady walking and on her way to work.

Some said they knew her; others were only grieved by the milk of humanity that runs through their veins. The attack was only the handwork of marauders riding on bikes to rob, kill and main, leaving pains, grieve in their wake.

The above and so many instances underscore some of the points adduced for the ban on Commercial motorcyclists- Okada and Three Cycles, popularly called Keke Marwa. In almost every discussion of people at bus stops, offices and all other places where men gather in two and three, arguments have churned in favour and against the ban.

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While some applaud government decision, a vast majority cannot just understand the basis for the total ban in nine local government areas of Lagos State and restriction on major highways and bridges in Lagos.

In places like Victoria Island and Ikoyi, it is now common to see people embarking on what has now been termed ‘o-trek’. Some have received queries and suspensions for late coming occasioned by the non- existence of the ubiquitous bikemen whose services have been sown to the fabrics of the Lagos city.

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For residents of estates and other residential settlements, it has now become a daily nightmare leaving or returning homes. To some others, navigating through the streets have now becomes easier as the reckless commercial bike riders are no more on the streets. The arguments rage on.

For us at Jide Taiwo and Co., the recent change has thrown up a new challenge in our transportation and housing needs.  Most car owners who hitherto park their cars at home have exhumed them and unto the roads they go. The traffic situation of the past few days gives credence to this.

We are affected in so many ways. To some, it is pleasant stories and to some others, it is sour and bitter!

What is your perspective of the whole episode? How have you been able to cope these past few days?

Do you prefer a hold on the ban or seek a review? If you have the power to make a choice, what will be your decision on this?

How will the new reality affect your choice of accommodation and office space or jobs as the case may be.

We put the ball in your courts as we will like to hear from you

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