what could happen if care is not taken

Tears cascaded down his cheeks from eyes that were red as crimson. Repeatedly, his hands glossed over the contours of the 3D Model dream residence he has fantasized about for over a decade. Religiously, he has kept to the monthly contributions and deductions from his salaries: the same salary he normally jokes of not being enough to take him home. His thoughts wandered to the marauding Bulldozers as they brought the gleam edifice to ground. Dusts from the rubles covered the air but not enough to stop his bleeding hearts.

For Tunde Adebule, residents and landowners of the Valleyview City Estate, life will not be same again. The events of the past few months-which culminated in the early morning visit by the dreaded Task Force armed with four Bulldozers and stern looking mobile police men- will forever be etched in the saddest part of their memories.

It was a battle ground of sorts as touts and other miscreants swarm the site engineer, artisans and workers during the ground breaking procedures. Tunde was left with no choice than to part with a large sum of money to different parties before work could proceed on the project. After three years, he was relieved when his dream edifice came to life. His joy knew no bounds as he moved his family of five to the brand new home – Life is so good.

Like a bolt from the blues, news filtered in that the large expanse that has come to be known as Vallyview City Estate had all along belonged to the state government. Alas! The land was a Committed Parcel of land, set apart for the proposedVallyview General Hospital. The government has given the residents a year notice to clear out of the estate because from the records before them at the land registry, they had not given consent to any one, group or institution to develop the erstwhile virgin land. The family had fraudulently sold plots of lands to unsuspecting members of the public.

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It can be a terrible experience waking up to see all that you have worked for, brought down to rubbles in a blink of eyes. Because of ignorance, many have fallen into the hands of unscrupulous ‘OmoOnile’ and phony real estate firms.

The source through which one is buying or letting landed properties is as crucial as the decision to buy or let. We owe it a duty to follow due diligence in the process of property acquisition. Engaging qualified professionals and professional service firms is crucial.

Tunde experience is not all that isolated. Many have been fleeced in a variety of ways in their quest to buy or let properties. We would like to share your experience.

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