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The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) defines facility management as “a profession that encompasses multiple disciplines to ensure functionality of the built environment by integrating people, place, process and technology.”

A Facility Manager is therefore, expected to take proper and adequate care of the building, available facilities and their services must meet the needs of the people that work in the building. The facility manager is accountable for services such as securities; plumbing, parking,etc to make sure the surrounding environment is in a suitable condition to work.Also the facility manager gives optimum value to everyone who uses the facilities

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Find below 10 characteristics of a good Facility Manager;

  1. Good Leadership Prowess: This is a quality that is required to excel in leadership position. As such, a facility manager must have this proficiency to be able to put different professionals together to perform the desired task. He/she must be able to influence his workforce towards achieving set of goals.
  2. Clients Satisfaction: A facility manager must be able to proffer solutions to client’s needs at every point in time. These include having good listening ears, tender sincere apology when need arise, involve the clients in proffering solution, fix problems without passing blames, do things extra to satisfy your clients, always do proper follow-up and give feedback to your clients and stakeholders. The above gives you an edge over your contemporaries.
  3. Response Time: A competent Facility Manager must have good response time to issues. Various issues arise at any point in time in different sites, but a Facility Manager must respond swiftly to the queries as they arise and under calm demeanor. These issues include plumbing, electrical, generator, fire alarm system, lift, elevator, air-conditioning, close-circuit television, etc.
  4. Must Be Finicky: A good Facility Manager must be finicky in all aspects of the available facilities in a property. The Facility Manager must be one who pays close attention to details about facilities on ground and taking adequate care of same to surpass the expectation of clients in order to satisfy them.
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5. Good Communication and Negotiation Skills: A Facility Manager must have good communication skills-both verbal and written. She/he must have confidence in presenting problems, budget and solutions and before various stakeholders. You must also be able to deal sensitively and appropriately with different stakeholders, vendors and third parties contractors. Negotiation skills are vital when dealing with suppliers to be able obtain compliance and value. Utilizing communication platform such as Whatsapp and other technology enabled platforms can help bridge communication gaps between staff and stakeholders.

6. Numerically Sound: One need not be a mathematician to be Facility Manager, but budgeting and financial projections are integral part of the job. Therefore, a Facility Manager needs to have full knowledge of facility management metrics and how to calculate them. The more financial acumen he/she has, the better for effectiveness and efficiency sake.

7. Accountability: A Facility Manager must be able to render proper account to clients and stakeholders. It is always advisable to render proper accounts on a quarterly basis with evidences to enable them have confidence in you. The concerned parties must be carried along before embarking on any cost that was not approved at service charge meeting.

8. Constant Training: The industry is constantly changing due to new technological developments and changes. A Facility Manager must be able to adapt to the new dynamics by attending conferences, seminars and reading books that relate to facility management to stay update with the industry news and latest developments.

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9. I.T Knowledge: Facility Management of today is more technology-reliant than ever. There are lot of facility management softwares that makes work easy e.g. Building automation system, software that capture quantity & quality of diesel supplied site, consumption and when the generator is due for servicing. Also, there are ranges of accounting softwares that are needed and used by Facility Managers.

10. Regulatory Laws:It is important to have full knowledge of the regulatory laws such as insurance law, health and safety laws in commercial facilities which includes; management of health and safety at work, workplace health, safety and welfare, health and safety equipment, personal protective equipment at work, regulated working time, reporting of injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences, adequate provision and use of work equipment. This benefits you as a Facility Manager.

The above mentioned characteristics are very vital for any Facility Manager who wants to excel in the profession.

JTC Opens Ibeju-Lekki Business Office

Jide Taiwo and Co. Estate Surveyors and Valuers today opened its Ibeju-Lekki Business office for the benefit of her esteemed clients and prospects in and around the Ibeju-Lekki Corridor, which is regarded as the fastest growing real estate corridor in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Speaking at the brief inauguration ceremony of the branch, The Senior Partner of the firm, Mohammed Ibrahim, expressed great pleasure on the fruition of the firm’s business expansion project as he stated that “we are delighted on this special occasion as this new business office give us added verve to further delight our clients around this area as well as reach out to other esteemed prospects”

A foremost real estate firm in Nigeria, Jide Taiwo and Co., Estate Surveyors and Valuers commenced operations in 1980 and has business office in twenty five locations pan Nigeria.

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L-R Jide Taiwo(Jnr)-Lekki Branch,Muyiwa Oyelola-Human Resource Director,Joseph Omage-Partner Lekki Branch, Wale Taiwo-Partner Emerging Markets Unit, Isaac Ogunwole-Branch Manager, Ibeju-Lekki Branch, Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Partner.

JTC Management Team Pays a Courtesy Visit to the Emir of Zaria

The Emir of Zaria and Chairman of Zazzau Emirate Council, Alhaji Shehu Idris, recently hosted the ESV Mohammed Ibrahim led management team of Jide Taiwo and Co., Estate Surveyors and Valuers, when they paid a courtesy visit to the Emir’s palace on the commemoration of the 44th anniversary of his ascendancy to the throne of his forefathers.

Welcoming the team from JTC, Alhaji Shehu Idris expressed his delight at the great and impactful works of the firm in “contributing to the growth and development of real estate sector of Nigeria in general and Zaria in particular”. The Emir, surrounded by his chiefs, went on an historical journey of some positive experiences he has had with the firm over the years. He expressed his desire to have a branch of the firm opened in Zaria.

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In his response, Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Partner of the firm averred that the management team is grateful for the warm reception from members of the emirate council and people of Zaria. He went further to state that “we are enthused over your leadership style, and the level of development the emirate has experienced over the past four decades”

In response to the request of the Emir concerning opening of a branch office in the ancient town, Ibrahim stated that “the firm of JTC is also desirous of expansion into new markets as we strive to consolidate our sectorial leadership. As such, the request by your highness, will be reviewed by our management team”

JTC Recognizes Some Long Standing Customers

In appreciation of their sustained patronage and loyalty to the firm, a number of loyal customers of the Kaduna Branch of Jide Taiwo and Co., Estate Surveyors and Valuers were recently rewarded with plaques of honour.
The equally elated and appreciative customers applauded the efforts of the firm in
recognizing them and expressed their desire to further spread the gospel of the firm by becoming itself-appointed brand ambassadors and patrons.
At a well-attended ceremony held in Kaduna recently, the Senior Partner of the firm laudedthe loyalty of the customers and eulogized their level of “consistency in patronage in an era marked by churn and disloyalty

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We Appreciate You
Standing from left to right: ESV Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Partner, Jide Taiwo and Co., Alhaji Sanni Maijega and Muyiwa, Director, Human Resource/Operations

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We Appreciate Your Patronage
Standing from left to right: ESV Mohammed Ibrahim, Senior Partner, Jide Taiwo and Co., Alhaji Arabi Modibbo(representing Hadjia Sa’adatu Modibbo) and Muyiwa Oyelola, Director, Human Resources/Operations, Jide Taiwo and Co.
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We Appreciate You  
Alhaji S.A. Abdulazeez receiving his plaque from ESV Mohmmed Ibrahim, Senior Partner, Jide Taiwo and Co. while Muyiwa Oyelola, Director of Human Resource/Operations watches on.


Tears cascaded down his cheeks from eyes that were red as crimson. Repeatedly, his hands glossed over the contours of the 3D Model dream residence he has fantasized about for over a decade. Religiously, he has kept to the monthly contributions and deductions from his salaries: the same salary he normally jokes of not being enough to take him home. His thoughts wandered to the marauding Bulldozers as they brought the gleam edifice to ground. Dusts from the rubles covered the air but not enough to stop his bleeding hearts.

For Tunde Adebule, residents and landowners of the Valleyview City Estate, life will not be same again. The events of the past few months-which culminated in the early morning visit by the dreaded Task Force armed with four Bulldozers and stern looking mobile police men- will forever be etched in the saddest part of their memories.

It was a battle ground of sorts as touts and other miscreants swarm the site engineer, artisans and workers during the ground breaking procedures. Tunde was left with no choice than to part with a large sum of money to different parties before work could proceed on the project. After three years, he was relieved when his dream edifice came to life. His joy knew no bounds as he moved his family of five to the brand new home – Life is so good.

Like a bolt from the blues, news filtered in that the large expanse that has come to be known as Vallyview City Estate had all along belonged to the state government. Alas! The land was a Committed Parcel of land, set apart for the proposedVallyview General Hospital. The government has given the residents a year notice to clear out of the estate because from the records before them at the land registry, they had not given consent to any one, group or institution to develop the erstwhile virgin land. The family had fraudulently sold plots of lands to unsuspecting members of the public.

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It can be a terrible experience waking up to see all that you have worked for, brought down to rubbles in a blink of eyes. Because of ignorance, many have fallen into the hands of unscrupulous ‘OmoOnile’ and phony real estate firms.

The source through which one is buying or letting landed properties is as crucial as the decision to buy or let. We owe it a duty to follow due diligence in the process of property acquisition. Engaging qualified professionals and professional service firms is crucial.

Tunde experience is not all that isolated. Many have been fleeced in a variety of ways in their quest to buy or let properties. We would like to share your experience.

Follow us on this blog in the coming days as we dish out hints that can give you peace of mind in real estate transactions.You can also browse through our website  to see some of our market offerings that meet your specific need or those vital real estate advisory services.

Reach out to us on any of our social media handles. We love to hear from you.