Properties for Sale and Rent in Alagbole: 67 properties

Letting Properties
Adams Street, Lambe, Ogun,4-Bedroom Bungalow at Lambe Street, Lamb

Asking Rent N300,000.00 per annum
MUSHIN: 4 NOS 2/3 BEDROOM, Lagos,Block of 4Units of 3-Bedroom and 1 No. 2

Asking Rent N900, 000
OPIC ESTATE, Ogun,4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat Located at Isheri No

Asking Rent N800,000.00
GBADAMOSI, Ojodu, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat Located at Gbadamo

Asking Rent N800,000.00
AJAO ESTATE, LAGOS, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat for corporate tena

Asking Rent N1,200,000.00 per annum/per flat
CITIVIEW, WAWA, OGUN STAT, Lagos,This is a tastefully finished and well l

Asking Rent N3M
Okoh Street, Ogun, Ogun,2-Nos 3-Bedroom apartment Located at O

Asking Rent N200,000.00
OSAPA LONDON:4BDRM DUPLEX, Lagos,A laid out residential apartment with am

Asking Rent N3.5 million
Lambe, Ogun State, Ogun,4Nos Bedroom Flat at Oluwole Street, Lam

Asking Rent N200,000.00 per annum
Aseese, Ogun State, Ogun,A tastefully finished 2Nos 2-bedroom fla

Asking Rent N300,000.00 per annum
Alagbole, Ogun, Ogun,2Nos 3-Bedroom Flat Located at Baba Dada

Asking Rent N400,000.00 per annum
2-BAY WAREHOUSE AT SANTO, Lagos,This is a purpose built 2 bay warehouses

Asking Rent N3M
Ajao, Isolo, Lagos, Ogun,A 6Nos.3-Bedroom Flat for corporate tena

Asking Rent N1,200,000.00 per annum
IBAFO:2BEDROOM FLAT, Ogun,Tastefully finished 2Nos 2-bedroom flat

Asking Rent N400, 000 pa
Ademola Street, Ogun,A Bedroom Flat at Ademola Abimboye Stree

Asking Rent N150,000.00 per annum
MOWE:3BEDROOM FLAT, Ogun,This is a well laid out apartment, it ha

Asking Rent N200, 000 pa
Mowe, Ogun State, Ogun,2Nos. 2-Bedroom-Room Flat Located Abiodu

Asking Rent N200,000.00 per annum
Asese, Ibafo, Ogun,2Nos. 2Bedroom Flat

Asking Rent N300,000.00
LAMBE,AKUTE:4 BDRM BUNGAL, Ogun,This is a well laid out and firm apartme

Asking Rent N400, 000
ALAPARA JUNCTION, AKUTE:4, Lagos,This is a well-positioned property at a

Asking Rent N80M
AKUTE:33 LOCK UP SHOPS /O, Lagos,This is a well layout plaza with ample p

Asking Rent N350,000/400,000 respectively
Akute, Ogun State, Ogun,Block of Flat at Folarin Street, Moricas

Asking Rent N250,000.00
OSBORNE OFFSHORE ESTATE, , Lagos,8 units of 3-Bedroom Flats and 2 units o

Asking Rent N6m
MAGODO1:5BDRM DUPLEX WITH, ,This is a well laid out and tastefully f

Asking Rent N3M PA
OFADA ROAD, MOWE: 4NOS 3 , Ogun,Block of 4Units 3-Bedroom Flat with 2-Be

Asking Rent N150, 000 AND ABOVE
OJODU:3-BEDROOM FLAT WITH, Lagos,A well laid out residential apartment

Asking Rent N800,000/1yr or N700,000/2yrs
Sales Properties
OJODU, LAGOS:8-BEDROOM DE, --Select One--,8-Bedroom Detached House on 3 Floors Wit

Asking Price N60m
Oke Aro, Ogun,A 3-Bedroon Bungalow Located at Matogun,

Asking Price N8,500,000.00
OSBORNE OFFSHORE , Ogun,8units of 3-Bedroom Flats and 2 units of

Asking Price N6,000,000.00
Command Road, Ogun, 3&4-Bedroom Bungalow with a premises m

Asking Price N22,000,000.00
Alagbole: 4 bedroom Bunga, Ogun,Residential property at 1, Oladoyin Stre

Asking Price N25M
ABESAN ESTATE, IPAJA, Ogun,A 6-Bedroon Detached House with a pent H

Asking Price N
Ijoko Road, Ogun,3-Bedroom Flat at Ijoko Road, Akute, Ogu

Asking Price N250,000.00 per annum
ISHERI NORTH: RESTAURANT , Lagos,A beautiful commercial property good for

Asking Price N75 Million
DALEMO, OTA: FACTORY/WARE, Ogun,A factory on approximately site of 2.29

Asking Price $4M
Egbeda:6Bedroom Detached , Lagos,A decent 6-Bedrooms house with a pent fl

Asking Price N40m Asking
MAGBORO:5 Bedroom Detache, Ogun,5-Bedroom Detached House with all room e

Asking Price N20m
Arepo, Ogun,A tastefully finished 6-bedroom detached

Asking Price N80,000,000.00
PLOT OF LAND: APAPA, Lagos,Plot of Land Located at Point Road, Apap

Asking Price N100M
Opic Estate, Ogun, Land for Sale along Channel TV Road, O

Asking Price N50,000,000.00
AKOWONJO, LAGOS:3 BEDROOM, Lagos,A well laid out residential apartment wi

Asking Price N15 Million Asking
OKUNOLA, EGBEDA, Ogun,A 6-Bedroon Detached House with a pent H

Asking Price N40,000,000.00
OMOLE ESTATE, LAGOS: 5-BE, Lagos,A 5-Bedroom Detached House Located at Om

Asking Price N80M
AREPO: 6BDRM FULLY DETACH, Ogun,Arepo: Property is a well presented 6 Be

Asking Price N85M
IPAJA: 6 UNITS 3-B/R FLAT, Lagos,3-Bedroom flat within a block of 6 units

Asking Price N16m
OLOWORA, ISHERI, Ogun,An existing paint factory on approximate

Asking Price N350,000,000.00
Magoro, Ikeja, Lagos,4No. 3Bedroom Flat, 2No. 2Bedroom Flat a

Asking Price N50,000,000
Journalist Estate, Ogun,A tastefully finished 3-bedroom Bungalow

Asking Price N32,000,000.00
AGBADO,OGUN , Ogun,4-Bedroom Detached House with 3-Rooms Bo

Asking Price N25,000,000.00
Journalist Est., Arepo, Ogun,A Land for sale. It is predominantly res

Asking Price N8,000,000.00
Oladejo Estate, Ogun,5-Bedroom Detached House with ensuite ga

Asking Price N28,000,000.00
4-BD DUPLEX AT OREMEJI ES, Ogun,A tastefully finished house affording st

Asking Price N35M
Akute, Ogun,4No. 3Bedroom Flat, 5No. 2Bedroom Flat,

Asking Price N75,000,000
Ijoko Road, Ogun,A block of 4Nos 3-Bedroom Flat, Bungalow

Asking Price N90,000,000.00
AREA ONE ESTATE, AGBADO: , Lagos,It is well laid out privately built resi

Asking Price N30Million
Moricass Estate, Ogun, Ogun,2Nos 3-Bedroom Flat –and 2-Bedroom Fla

Asking Price N250,000.00
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