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Our Commercial Property Business Unit handles facility management services in both specialized residential apartment and purpose built office blocks, malls and shopping complex. Our goal in this business unit is to ensure healthy, safe, efficient financial and conducive living and working environment .

Scope of services rendered: These include;

  • Operation and maintenance of generators, including diesel purchase
  • Lift maintenance
  • Maintenance of swimming pool
  • Maintenance of borehole and water treatment plant
  • Maintenance of plumbing system and installations
  • Maintenance of electrical fittings, panels and systems, servicing of transformer(s)
  • Supervision of personnel and sub-Contractors
  • Maintenance of air-conditioning and cooling systems
  • Janitorial services (such as refuse disposal, cleaning, fumigation etc)
  • Provision of security services
  • Dislodgement/treatment of sewage
  • Maintenance of fire service equipment
  • Maintenance of telecommunication systems (to include intercom services)
  • Maintenance of Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV)
  • Gardening and flora maintenance
  • Determination, Apportionment and Collection of Service Charge including rendering regular account
  • Regular meeting with occupants to review service quality for continuous improvement

You can access our Facility Manaement Solution Software via the link here

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